Saturday, 1 January 2011

And so the journey begins

Well Christmas is well and truly over for another year,  it's the New Year and many of us have been thinking about  the resolutions we all make, you know; the ones which are normally broken by the middle of the month.  I like to think that I am quite organised, and get most of my shopping done well before the manic crush of the last few weeks of December when everywhere you turn there is Christmas Musak, with stressed out people all cramming into our shopping centres, trying to buy the world for what they think is necessary for the Big Day. But even I find myself succumbing to visiting the local supermarket in the last few days before Christmas for the last few 'bit's' we just "can't do without!"......of course this year was even more stressful as the forces of nature were also against those who thought they had escaped the need to join the throng by ordering their gifts and food on-line, with the white stuff was delaying or even cancelling their deliveries. Now try and tell me mother nature is not in charge of us all, and sometimes sends us a little reminder to prove it!

Why do we put ourselves through this every year? 

I really don't know, and as I sat thinking about what I could change for next Christmas, I remembered when I was a teenager and our village was cut off by snow for a few days, I overheard an old lady in the village shop who could understand what everyone was making a fuss about, she didn't have electricity so the power cuts were of no consequence to her, and she was almost totally self sufficient.  It was she who had the last laugh, whilst the rest of the village were wondering how they were going to manage if the roads didn't clear soon, how could they get to the shops? how could they manage without power? the only inconvenience she incurred was that she couldn't buy her daily paper! 
There is no way that I could contemplate going to the extremes of no power and water from a well, and realistically I will still need to buy household supplies, but  returning to Christmas, could I make most of my gifts, and Christmas food?  Could I buy what I couldn't make from one of the wonderful local suppliers I'm fortunate enough to have around me?  As I started to make lists, I'm an avid list maker, I love the satisfaction of ticking off completed tasks.... oops sorry digressing again, it struck me that this way of thinking  "could be for the whole year, and not just for Christmas!" So I'm setting off on my journey with excitement and good intentions, I work full-time so this is not going to be easy and will initially take some careful planning on my part, or should I perhaps say time-management, but I hope that ultimately this will be a fullfilling and enjoyable year. 

I thoroughly looking forward to it, I can remember from my childhood my grandparents growing all of their own vegetables, so I'm off to browse the seed catalogues and plan my patch which has been rather neglected.

I did already make a few jars of chutneys and jellies during the autumn, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, and will certainly be making many more in 2011.....I see hampers at Christmas!

I've had, what I think is, the most fantastic book for many years.  I've dipped in and out of it over the years but can see that it will be a regular friend.

So off I go, hang on tight and enjoy the ride!  I know I will and can hardly wait.


  1. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. This sounds like an interesting journey to set out on, I hope to pick up lots of tips from you. :)

  3. Oh how lovely, I came over here from your other blog (yay! you posted). I too have been thinking about this and felt very let down in a way I can't describe by all the greed and chaos that surrounds christmas. We are struggling fiancially too, to have any money left over for days out or small extras so Im right behind you on this task, I will look forward to reading your journey at the same time as making my own x

  4. Looking forward to following you as you embark on your new venture.As one who buys nearly everything from charity shops,I will be very interested to read.Wishing you a Very Happy New Year! :0)

  5. Oh, it will be good to read along and find out how you're doing. I've had an almost agressively green outlook for ages and it actually took a bit of a back seat last year while family difficulties took over. It was actually good to 'lighten' up a bit and see that the things we'd set in motion over the years could keep us living fairly 'green' even without it being in the forefront of our minds.