Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A banana fest

You can't look a gift horse in the mouth as the old saying goes. 

When I popped into our local post office and village store the other day, we are so lucky to still have one, the owner Mr S was looking rather bemusedly at a crate of bananas.  Now the store is quite small, as in about half the size of your average living room, so a wooden shed has been converted into their greengrocery section.  The banana had obviously not taken kindly to the shivery temperatures outside and had decided to blacken their skins in protest!  The insides of the fruit were perfectly ok, but as Mr S pointed out no-one was going to buy them to find out.  So thinking aloud, I said that they would be perfect for banana cake or banana and walnut muffins, Oh says Mr S, would you use them for that?  Of course I said, to which I had the crate thrust in my hands, with a there you go then, if you don't use them all through whats left to the sheep!.....Did you know sheep liked banana? No me neither.

So off home I did trot and a baking session was started, I managed 2 dozen muffins and 3 banana loaves, and never got to find out if sheep really like bananas....maybe next time.

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  1. Oh I love old bananas, I like to make banana milk shake or cakes! yum!