Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Reduce, reuse and recycle

It's that time of the year again, the garden is calling for a trim and tidy before it starts it's main growing season.

Hubby spent the day, clearing up leaves and cutting back the overgrown branches of some of the apple trees (this is the reduce bit)and has cut up smaller branches into kindling size...., we've used them to start the our fire (the reuse bit), much more environmentally friendly, much cheaper obviously and the smell is just wonderful.  Now I'm really struggling with the recycle!  Oh well as Meatloaf would say Two out of Three Aint Bad!!

The tidying also included picking up of piles of leaves, this had to be done very quickly as some certain feather friends think it a game we're playing with them and as fast as you rake them up so they 'very helpfully' scratch them about again just in case there is something of interest that we've inadvertantly covered up!

And where have all leaves ended up? On my veggie patch!!!!  I know they rot in and add valuable nutrients to the soil, but I don't think they'll manage it in the next couple of months before I'm going to be wanted to plant my little seedlings in their permanent home.  Well I suppose in the meantime, they are keeping the soil a little warmer than usual.

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  1. I should think those leaves will continue to be a nice sort of mulch for your veg - I really enjoyed reading and seeing what you've been doing. We have inherited a strange and tempramental shredder which we use to 'recycle' all our cut branches into mulch. It's noisy and frustrating work, though!