Saturday, 5 February 2011

Better late than never

As you will have seen from my previous post, I've joined A Monthly Make 2011 organised by Annie at The Felt Fairy .  I had duly made my items for January, lovely lemon curd to try and bring a taste of summer into these dreary days, and some spiced cranberry and pear relish which comes out in the most gorgeous colours, at Christmas Sainsburys had offers on their fresh cranberries so I stocked up and froze them to use throughout the year.  Annie said that you can make absolutely anything, so I'm taking her up on that this month and am showing my foodie makes.

I also had go at making a knitted brooch, in reality it looks fine and as I made it in a lovely cherry red cotton it's quite cheery, but oh dear how my photography lets me down so use your imagination folks please....note to self, get some practice in on the camera if your going to be publishing your pics!

Well that's all I've managed this month, and as usual I'm late with my posting. No 1 son is busy doing coursework for his GCSE's so is hogging the pc, but I shan't complain as long as he's working.

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  1. Well done you!! I love lemon curd and the pear and cranberry relish sounds lovely - I was thinking the other day to look out for a pear jam to use as a relish with stilton!!

    I can see that your brooch is fab - I can 'see' these pics cos mine are not disimilar!